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Youth Safari Camps 
AFRICA SOL SAFARIS has engaged with international language academies, schools and sport-adventure centres with a common interest in teaching the young learners more than just theory. We have put together a real experience with emphasis on responsibility, self-respect and care for themselves, care for nature, wildlife and the environment. The spreading of their new-found knowledge is what we encourage these 11 to 16 year old's to do. 
International Meets Local
Expertly trained and highly experienced field guides will conduct several short, fun-filled courses, covering a variety of conservation and bush-related topics. Learners from around the world are paired up with each other as well as local students, and are encouraged to interact and share this adventure. 

"... a colleague recommended AFRICA SOL SAFARIS after their family safari to Africa, partly because it is a local operator, but mostly because it is run by people with a passion for wildlife and adventure..." Graham and Cathy, Kent