Kalahari Lions Zebra Leopard Drinking

Youth Safari Camps 
AFRICA SOL SAFARIS has engaged with international language academies, schools and sport-adventure centres with a common interest in teaching the young learners more than just theory. We have put together a real experience with emphasis on responsibility, self-respect and care for themselves, care for nature, wildlife and the environment. The spreading of their new-found knowledge is what we encourage these 11 to 16 year old's to do. 
International Meets Local
Expertly trained and highly experienced field guides will conduct several short, fun-filled courses, covering a variety of conservation and bush-related topics. Learners from around the world are paired up with each other as well as local students, and are encouraged to interact and share this adventure. 

"... the isolated destinations are unforgettable, all because we were there in complete comfort, and the food was great too..." Sarah Jenkins