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Pack For A Purpose, Please?
Are you still facing the dilemma of how to maximise your airline luggage allowance? Struggle no more, the answer is here! Since we travel through developing countries, there is always a need for anything useful along our way. We have lists of what might be needed at the clinic, at the school, or just in the community in general. Please contact us after packing, to see how you can fill that last 2 or 3 kilograms of "empty" space in your bag. Be it of a medical, educational or social nature, everything you bring, will address a need, or put a smile on a little face. 
Do You Have The Time?
All charities require money, but very few ask for something we all can give -- TIME! 
AFRICA SOL SAFARIS is directly involved with several local projects and organisations for the benefit of those who rely on help from outside. Whether you wish to add some quality to the lives of abused children, or want to help improve the lives of rehabilitated wildlife that can not be re-introduced into nature, or perhaps a combination of both, then be sure to contact us to hear how your time can make a difference! 

"... very personalised and we could feel they really enjoy doing what they do..." Angela & Andres, Vancouver Island