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Our Company represents a group of people who are passionate about Southern Africa, and who live and travel in this spectacular region to bring you the most "unimaginable" holiday experiences you could dream of. If you value your time off, enjoy living life to the fullest and crave fascinating and unique experiences in the great outdoors, then allow us to bring you just that!

At AFRICA SOL SAFARIS we place a high value on personal contact, and the members of our team remain closely involved during your stay. We strive to make you feel as if you have come home to AFRICA, visiting family, and by doing so, leaving you deeply changed by your holiday experience!

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African Wilderness Safaris
Honeymoons & Romantic Break-Aways 
Tailor-Made Experiences
Scuba Safaris 
Youth Camps
Responsible Travel & Volunteer Projects

We shape and let you discover experiences as you savour precious moments. Africa gives a sense of joyful timelessness as space and time is guided by nature, truly a rare gift in our time!

"... a colleague recommended AFRICA SOL SAFARIS after their family safari to Africa, partly because it is a local operator, but mostly because it is run by people with a passion for wildlife and adventure..." Graham and Cathy, Kent